Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Time

It is finally warm and summer like in Alberta so why does my paint brush fail me now? I have been waiting for this wonderful time to arrive.  Is this an another example of procrastination or is it fear?  As a painters I often face this wall but I try to scale up the wall using perserverence and disipline as my main tools.  So why, now, do I struggle? Why does this hurdle feel too big to scale?
Something about the summer allows me to think it is ok to slack off.  Long days offer and temp me that there are more hours in the day to complete my work.  I will have to raise my paintbrush, soon, and try to do battle with my wall or my minds eye may exaggerate this wall until it appears to be a mountain.  Then I would need new climbing gear- which could mean a shopping trip...Hmmmm

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Commission Work

                                           A Stones Throw- Acrylic on Canvas- 12 x 16- 2010

This is a commission piece I did for a cousin of ours.  It is of her daughter in years gone by.  I am enjoying, once again, the satisfaction of doing commission work for friends and family.  It is challenging to take these commissions on as there is often an expectation from the client that is difficult to define.  One persons memories, preferences, minds eye are always different from the next persons.  It is the uniqueness of our personality that makes artwork hard to commission when the reference or expectations is not the artists. 

It is a challenge that I am beginning to enjoy- the pleasure of connecting with people and using my skills to build on their desires is rewarding.  When it works it works.  When it doesn't work- you can try a second time or let it go.  No harm done.  Gesso is a wonderful invention.  I am grateful to do what I do and humbled by the growth ahead of me. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have been thinking about what I am doing with my artwork, what I am trying to say and what I am going to paint and why.  What are my weakest areas- where do I need improvement?  Do I have the ability to express what I am feeling and transpose it to the canvas?
I am going to paint the figure for a week with an inspiring and talented artist, Bev Tosh.  I am hoping that a week long immersion into art will push me forward to where I need to be.  Help me to answer my questions.  Help me to refocus my thoughts.   I have painted with Bev twice before and feel that it will be a positive experience.  A week of art.. Yummy

Note- I am now painting with Dave More- while I was looking forward to painting the figure I am equally excited to paint the landscape.  Same week same place- Bev's class was overbooked.   Can't wait.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Be very careful what you dream because dreams do come true.

New Exhibit Space-
Yes, the unexpected has happened.  We are expanding!!!  This new space will be for a temporary exhibit of my 2010 show, Pathways, with special guest paintings by Erika Schulz.
The opportunity came to us last week as we were sulking about not having enough space to display our large pieces of artwork.  It occurred to us that the space right next to us was for lease- it is large and has four fabulous white walls just screaming to hold our beautiful artwork.  So......after some negotiating with our landlord.....the Next Door Salon is going to be available to us beginning this week. 

I hope that you get a chance to drop by and see our new space and enjoy some amazing artwork.
I am very grateful.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring is Sp-ring-ing

Things are starting to happen in Red Deer- Summer Festivals, Events galore!!  We at Gallery IS  are going to do our best to be a vibrant part of this atmosphere in 2010.
May will bring us First Friday Opening for Sandy Warren- a personal favorite of mine and then June we are going to do a SMASHING PARTY to start our reno's.  Look out!!!  You will not want to miss out.  (We are talking about Live ART making, Live Music, and Wine and Food)

My painting is coming along- I just finished a new piece titled  "Viv's Giant Iris"- based on a one a day painting form the summer of 2009.    I am going to enter it in the ASA show upcoming in Calgary.  I will post more details after the submission is accepted.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I am really liking where my art is going.  I feel that the merger of the new and the old are really starting to take a shape of their own.  I will be forging ahead to see what comes of this new energy and painting style- I think I will stay with florals for now...but then again you never know.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Manulife Show is Up until May 2, 2020

Well, I did it, the show is up and ready to be view.  I think it looks fabulous and the feedback has been very positive so far.  I hope that you can get there to see the show as I am very proud of the work and would love to have your opinions.
The art pieces are a reflection of the one a day paintings project I accomplished in 2009.  I used the one a day paintings as thumbnails and tried to abstract them to show off the areas of the painting I felt were strongest.  They are done in acrylic mediums using transparent glazes and opaque areas of enhansent.  The work is large, 3 feet by 5 feet with a few of the paintings being slightly smaller at 36 x 48, and 30 x 48.